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Seth of The 43 Trees Project
Seth, The Sentinel
May 1913 - October 29, 2013

Seth Oak was not the biggest Oak in Roosevelt Park, but he was a leader. When the location was chosen for the park's Veteran's Memorial, it was in part, because of its close proximity to Seth. The memorial planners knew that this mighty tree was the first to greet every one that entered and he was a symbol of strength and protection.

Seth was born on a warm spring day in 1913 when a blue bird dropped an oak seed into a clump of wild grass. As his role of protector, he became a great admirer of birds throughout his lifetime and hosted many nests over the years. He contributed mightily to the quality of air around him. He added 25,740 pounds of oxygen into the atmosphere while sequestering 452 pounds of carbon dioxide over his 99 years. He was almost 100 feet tall and a handsome 43" diameter of mighty Pin Oak. His canopy of leaves provided lovely shade across the broad lawns he guarded.

Seth was felled by Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012 at 7:50PM and will be sorely missed by all who walked beneath his sheltering boughs.

Written by Deborah Sperry

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