The 43 Trees Project
Noah of The 43 Trees Project

Noah, The Youngest

November 2009

Noah was the youngest of all of those lost during Super Storm Sandy.
Unlike many of the trees in Roosevelt Park that had lived their whole lives there, Noah was a plum that was adopted by the park system in the early Autumn of 2010. It was decided that he should be placed where Seth the mighty Oak could keep a watchful eye over him.

Noah knew he was different and loved to show off. He would often sway in the soft breeze inviting all those nearby to look at his beautiful color and delicate branches. He delighted in the birds, squirrels and especially the children when they stopped to appreciate the sweet aroma of his spring blossoms.

In the end, without the protection of Seth, Noah the youngest, succumbed to
the storm.

Written by John Craig

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