The 43 Trees Project
Jessie of 43 Trees
Jessie, Wondering

Jessie spent a great deal of her life wondering.

She wondered, why can't I move about? Maybe not like the birds soaring overhead, maybe not even like the squirrels running and jumping from branch to branch. She would have been happy if she could just move around slowly like the people that would come visit her.

She wondered, what is moving around like? All of her days she stood in one place, seeing everything from only one angle. Never getting a chance to completely admire the beauty of Bella, the strength of Mary Ann, or the playfulness of Dixie.

She wondered, what are the other trees like? Because her genetics kept her from wandering, she had little contact with other trees. She dreamed of getting to know them better, wether they were in her neighborhood, or they were the distant trees she could only see in winter.

Jessie wondered, how bad was this storm going to be?