The 43 Trees Project

Gib of 43 Trees

Gib, Bending To Meet The Winds
September 2001

"Trees that don't bend with the wind, wont last the storm."

Gib knew there were things out of her control. Often, she was painfully aware of that fact. She had heard a lifetime of clich├ęs about life and love and surviving the two. Acclimating to her surroundings and dealing with imposing forces, she had found with every storm a slight change. With every bit of pressure she would shift; changing to meet it gracefully. She'd dance with it, while taking on the new shape she was given. Gib started to see these changes as a gift. She accepted them as a kind of rebirth; a transformation that left her better in the end. In bending to meet the winds she made certain to never break

Written by Gina Delia