The 43 Trees Project
Beautiful Bella
August 1942
Bella of The 43 Trees Project "Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year."
Chad Sugg

For 70 springs, 70 summers, 70 falls and 70 winters, Bella stood alone with the most exquisite proportions of all trees. She learned as a very young sapling that her beauty, color and grace was unrivaled in the forest.

And for those 70 years, lovers, poets and artists all sought her out to sit under her perfect canopy to love, write, draw and be inspired. But like many of us, Bella felt the pressure to live up to her reputation year after year. As her Autumn leaves changed colors and the days grew shorter, she would shed her leafy cap and wonder if it would ever grow back.

Every year for 70 years it did, encouraged by the lovers, poets, artists and all those who loved her.

Written by John Craig