The 43 Trees Project

Anthony, Surrounded By Family
June 1972

Anthony of 43 Trees

Anthony knew the barometer had dropped to record lows. He knew it because he never felt like this before. With his leaves turning sharply up and away from the wind and his branches struggling to stay attached to his trunk, he knew that this storm was going to be trouble.

Over recent years he had been weaken by disease, fungus, and insects. With trees surrounding him on three sides and a eroding stream bank on the fourth, his root structure had not been able to sufficiently develop. Finally at 9:43 pm a gust of wind topping out at 80 miles per hour snapped Anthony's trunk at the 5 foot level.

When he fell he was surrounded by family and friends. Having lived on the stream all his life, he has many surviving relatives downstream. He is survived by three children; Marion, John, and Louise, and seven grandchildren; Bobby, Gino, John, Sue, JoAnn, Donna and David.

He loved animals, summer rains, warm winter days and the people that walked by him everyday in the park.