The 43 Trees Project
Gloria of 43 Trees

Gloria, Beautiful Woman

Beautiful woman
Stoic Stance
Bodacious Arches
Glowing leaves - Fall Sunset
Dewy Blossoms - Spring Dawn
Cool shade- Balmy NJ Summer day
Thank you for your beauty. Thank you for your protection.
Beautiful Woman
Bending-flexing-stretching with each nudging wind.
Flowing with each season, with each familiar change (you did it so well).
Until the strange winds came.
A Master of The Cycle
You will become what I will become.
And I, will once again, rest in your comfort.
...Until we start again.

"We are born, we are raised, and we die. We come from the Earth, and we go back to the Earth."
-Wyoma "The Dance of Life", Ewe of Ghana

Written by Julia Ochs