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Hannah of 43 Trees
Hannah, Is Missing
We're almost there, just two more turns.

My grandparents and parents always summered there. And now I'm bringing my family.

Every year we have come north in the spring and stay in the same place. It's the best place in the world. Great views, cool summer breezes in an upscale neighborhood and terrific summertime friends.

We're almost there, I should be able to see … wait a minute - where is she? Did I take a wrong turn? Oh no, I hope not or I'm gonna hear it from my wife; she told me to stop waaaay back there and get directions.

But, I think this is where we're supposed to be. Yes, it is. I recognize the trees, the street, the walking path, but Hanna is gone!

Where will we nest this summer season?
Written by John Craig