The 43 Trees Project

Having walked in Roosevelt Park on a regular basis for years, artists John Craig and Deborah Sperry were shocked to see the damage done to the park trees by Super Storm Sandy.

While discussing the storm several weeks later over lunch, the idea of honoring the lost trees came up. It was decided that in celebration of the upcoming 43rd anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2013, we would photograph and then create a life narrative for 43 of the fallen trees.

We then asked artists, writers, family, friends and teachers if they wanted to contribute to the project. Most have said yes and their contribution has added a diversity of views. Some have written about the trees origins, some about their demise, some speak of their strength and some tell of their fragility.

It doesn't matter if they contributed a story, an original poem or something by a well know writer, everyone involved seems to be expressing a personal point of view. A point of view that addresses loss while celebrating life.

We hope that those who visit this site will look at all trees with a fresh perspective and gain a new respect for the environment we live in.

Map of 43 Trees locations

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