The 43 Trees Project
Elsie of The 43 Trees Project
ELSIE, Generations Return
April 18, 1956

Elsie, an oak tree planted in 1956, grew to be a beloved tree in the Roosevelt Park forest. As a young sapling, Elsie most enjoyed watching families with young children walk through the park sometimes stopping by and sitting under her branches. As some of these families returned, Elsie took note as to how much the children had grown; she too grew in both height and pride knowing that families returned to her forest home.

Over time Elsie witnessed generations return for various park activities that included jogging, walking a dog or two, biking, taking young ones for a scenic stroller ride, plays in the park, picnics, reading a good book or just sitting below her branches and breathing in the fresh air that she provided for one and all.

Written by Dr. Susan Craig