The 43 Trees Project
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Meet the 43 Trees
Seth, The Sentinel Hugo, The Fight Is An Illusion Leah, Humble Maiden Franklin, Go Wandering Forth
Noah, The Youngest Leon, Eiffel Towering Stature Zachary, Socially Significant Mary Ann, Strength and Comfort
Robby, Nourishing Everything He Touches Gib, Bending To Meet the Winds Agnes, The Wind Howled In Fury Anna, Branches Raised to Heaven
Elsie, Generations Return Beautiful Bella Megan, Witness to "Plays In The Park" Gloria, Beautiful Woman
Jessie, Wondering Sam, Tall and Stately Viola, A Jeweled Soul Dixie, Doodle Bug
Matthew, Among our Best Allies Charlotte, From French Stock Hunter, Backwards Into Gaia Gene, Where Trees Are Fallen
Hailey, Thrown Down In Front of Us Benjamin, Pushed and Unshielded Adam, Time Is A Funny Thing Max, The Makings Of Greatness
Bill, Escaped The Madding Crowd Anthony, Surrounded By Family Olivia, Poems Upon The Sky Jacqueline, Graceful Tree
Carl, Not Much To Say, But... Casey, Sharing Poems Savannah, Stories of Song Alexander, You Came To Me
Florence, The Muse Catherine, A Look At Ourselves Fiamma, Dreams of Becoming Hanna is Missing
Grace, Moods And Qualities Of Nature Clem, He was a Good Tree Barry's Last Wish  
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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.