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Bill of 43 Trees
Bill, Escape The Madding Crowd
June 1938

My neighbors were so nosey and constantly sticking their branches into my stuff. They were always telling me what to do. It was a crowded neighborhood, too little space, too much debris, too many little guys always running around looking for nuts and food. Those ignoble squirrels were really annoying. They would scramble up and down my spine zigging then zagging stopping suddenly to nibble, always twitching, nervous and in a constant frenzy.

They built a home in my top, without my permission!

It was a badly constructed mess of leaves and twigs. One would think they could do better than that. Up and down all day and night, the squirrels were exhausting.

When the winds came I was grateful to have the squirrels run for cover somewhere else. It blew away their twig mess. But the water…so much water. I could feel the wind pushing and the soil softening as I careened out of the neighborhood. I have moved on to quieter places in a better neighborhood.

Ha! I have escaped the madding crowd.

Written by Mercedes Arnett

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