The 43 Trees Project

Hugo, The Fight Is An Illusion
August 1940

Agnes of 43 Trees

Hugo went with the wind.

He was a follower. Whichever way the wind blew, he would sway. Not one to be encumbered by independence, Hugo found it easier to fall in line. Leadership was foreign to him, there was safety in numbers. There was longevity in following.
He saw trees come and go, and he thought it best not to argue. The wind could alter mountains [in time], what chance did a lowly tree stand? How long would Hugo stand? It was a thought that had always plagued him… how long before he saw the end? Till the earth came crashing towards him? Yes, he would try to prolong this as long as he could.

But in the end, all trees fall. The fight is an illusion, whether one or many, all trees must lay rest. Upon the earth. Within the earth. Underneath the earth.

Written by Alex Ganuza and Gina Delia