The 43 Trees Project

Clem, Love Many Things
September 1939

Weird Clem of 43 Trees

Clem loved puppy dogs, kitten cats, chocolate, children, flowers, birds, squirrels, grass, water, other trees, Roosevelt Park, the stream that runs through Roosevelt Park, the fish that are in the stream at Roosevelt Park, the algae, that the fish eat that are in the stream at Roosevelt Park, spring, summer, fall, the wind, winter, rain, Perry Como,puffy clouds, Seals and Crofts, Charles Hippolyte Aubry, the 1950's, happy endings, warm feelings, hugs, shooting stars, the first smells of spring, funny jokes, slapstick comedy, Jose Sulaiman, new car smell, lolipops, Christmas, rolling hills, raccoons, ice cream, coffee, Saturday mornings, Man Ray, his family, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, chewing gum, campers, Natvar Bhavsar, big families, Vespa Scooters, iPads, Charlton Heston, algorithms, the Park Police, shiny things, Juno, yoga, the Prius, vintage clothing, Jack Bruce, cream soda, and Twinkies.

He was a good tree.